What We Do

FIREWISE 2000, LLC provides the following services for Fire Protection Planning to reduce the threat to life and property:

  • Wildland Fire Protection Consultation for new and existing developments
  • Wildland Fire Expertise in litigation
  • Post-Fire Rehabilitation Planning

Fire Protection Plans for new building construction in High Fire Hazard Severity Areas as required to meet State, County and local fire codes.

  • Other planning documents we produce include Fuel Modification Plans, Brush Management Plans, Fuel Management Plans, & Fire Safety & Fuel Management Plans.
  • Applies to individual single family dwellings, small to large subdivisions, commercial developments, & resorts/campgrounds.
  • Ensures that all new construction adheres to requirements in the current California Fire and Building Code as it relates to ignition-resistant construction outlined in Chapter 7A (CBC).
  • Develop approved mitigations to meet equivalency with local & state fire codes in Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zones (VHFHSZ) in California.
  • Develops fuel modification zones maps for 100-foot vegetation clearance around structures to meet local and state fire codes.
  • Conducts fire behavior modeling using *BehavePlus Fire Modeling Program to assess fire threats to structures and other improvements.
  • Review & certify landscape plans for developments to ensure compliance with Landscape/Fuel Modification Guidelines as required by local fire agencies.
  • Expert Wildland Fire Testimony in litigations to provide professional assessments of potential damage to private property.
  • Wildland Fire Rehabilitation Assessments – conduct field surveys to assess fire damage to public and private property, and the environment; prescribe post-fire restoration treatments to reduce impacts from wildland fire.
  • Design and Plan Fuel Modification Projects for large scale community protection projects.
  • EIR Team Participant – Provide wildland fire hazard assessments for major projects for Environmental Impact Reports.

*The BEHAVE 5.0.5 Fire Behavior Prediction and Fuel Modeling System developed by USDA–Forest Service research scientists Patricia L. Andrews and Collin D. Bevins at the Intermountain Forest Fire Laboratory, Missoula, Montana, is one of the best systematic methods for predicting wildland fire behavior. The BEHAVE fire behavior computer modeling system is utilized by wildland fire experts and managers nationwide.